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Get down on your knees and submit to my overwhelming perfection. Confess your sins and beg for mercy. Your body is my play thing, your pain is my pleasure. 

Don't allow my looks to fool you... my intelligence and wit will infect your mind and keep you on tenterhooks, and my crushing confidence and militant precision will keep you firmly in your place - under my heels. 

I stand elegantly at 5 ft 11 in my bare stocking feet with my sexy and articulate voice, slim size 8 figure and full 32DD bust. My size 7 perfectly manicured feet are always ready to trample over your lowly being. You will be proud to serve me.

I am an extremely sharp-tongued individual with a devastating vocabulary and a mind full of ideas. I demand respect for my superior intellect and culture You will always be ten steps behind me.

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